She who has the most money is God.

Why is it that those who have the money, have the power?
- Interesting when you consider the wealth and reach of the churches and the fact that they are exempt from paying taxes.... but I digress.

Whether it is your boss, the funding body of your organisation or in todays anecdote; the woman from the church holding the $30 emergency food voucher.
This woman is a blue-rinse granny, a wee door mouse of a woman. She is a volunteer at her local church. But today she is 'The Gatekeeper' and today she has the power.
Now one would hope in this day and age that the Christian Church would see charity as an act of giving and not use it as a way of preaching to a 'captive' audience or use it to take advantage of and try to convert someone who is obviously vulnerable, probably isolated and already on the margins of society.
But No.
It seems it is totally acceptable to pressure the 'seeker of charity' into accepting Jesus Christ as blah blah blah something about Lord and saviour.

Dear God are you people serious? Are you really going to try and force this poor woman into pledging her eternal soul to your God for $30.

Another story I heard recently was of a fifteen year old rape victim who had to run the gaunlet past a herd of crazed Christians waving 'Murderer' and 'Jesus loves the little children' banners at her as she tried to access a sexual health clinic for a termination.
What the ...

Enough is enough. This is not the hand of God. This is human beings.
Humans being out spoken and manipulative. Taking advantage of the weak, the vulnerable, the isolated and the needy. And it needs to stop.

Not all Christians are bad I hear you say and I agree with you in theory however they need to be held accountable for their church members who are acting this way or speak up against it.
Being a Christian does not make you God.

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