Australia21 Time to rethink The War on Drugs

Australia21http://www.australia21.org.au/ has just released a report into The War on Drugs calling for a rethink on The War on Drugs and Australia's drug policies.

After 40 years under Prohibition we know our current policies are counterproductive and cause more harms than the drugs.
The Australia21 think tank is comprised of eminent doctors, lawyers, police and a former premier but more importantly a representative from Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform, Marion McConnell a woman who lost her beloved 24 year old son to a avoidable heroin overdose.

In this argument there are often many voices and the louder and more sensationalist and opinionated tend to drown out the rest.

My call is for everyone to sssshhhhh stop talking and listen, let those who are informed and who have been on the FRONT LINE speak.

It is a war and there are casualties.

Let their family members speak to the Prime Minister of their loss and of what would have made a difference.
Julia Gillard would be well reminded to remember her party colleague Former Prime Minister Bob Hawkes daughter and what he and Hazel went through as she was going through heroin addiction, or Bob Carrs own loss of his brother.

The evidence is in ... Prohibition of Drugs has failed.
Our jails are filled with casualties of the drug war and our morgues have seen too many young unnecessary deaths and their families have been torn apart. Teenagers can buy drugs quicker than a pizza.
It's time for change.
Lets start really listening. If you have nothing at stake just your opinion please butt out.


  1. Come on aussie aussie come on

  2. My children are 17 10 and 8,i cannot inform them enough about the useage of drugs. They dont get any information about clean drug use or the safe way to use and any general information at school but if they did i would still speak to them and awnser thier questions.

  3. Hi Bek
    Thanks for your comment and its good to see someone who has broached the issue of safer drug use with their children. It is a hard topic for a lot of parents as they worry they are 'condoning' illicit drug use. As you say there is no 'harm reduction' in schools. Teenagers in particular are more inclinded to try illicit drugs and should be given the tools (of knowledge and sterile injecting equipment)they need to protect themselves against blood borne virus such as Hep C and HIV and overdose etc. So good on you. Stay safe