Its about us and our families.

Oh its started again.
Once again some really smart people (Australia21) create something of value and then all the screeching harpies start their "it wont work" drowning out all intelligent conversation.

We have all seen and read all the negative backlash anytime anyone talks about the decriminalisation or the legalization and regulation of drugs.
Every idiot and his stupid mate has something to say about it and most of it is ignorant and /or fear mongering.  The giveaway is the words used... these people don't even have a understanding of the basic terms to define the argument. They use decriminalisation and legalization intermittently and often parrot back propaganda as though it was original thought.

Lets face it the participants of the round table did have most areas covered including law and order, addiction, families and today's young people. In theory you would think people would listen just a little bit.

So before the stupidest and loudest amongst us start their shrilling lets keep the call going for......
meaningful participation of drug users in the design and implementation of evidence based drug policies.

Because at the end of the day, we are the ones these laws and policies are going to affect.
Us and our families.

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  1. JerryDorey14/4/12 4:18 pm

    One of the most important things to come out of the (excellent and easy-to-read) Australia21 report, is that users should have a voice in their own destiny - especially as this is a human rights issue, although too many governments have been too busy buying ammunition for the war to think about little things like fundamental human rights.

    People like Julia Gillard, and Stephen Harper in Canada, know very well that what they're doing is morally wrong, and ineffective even on its own terms; but they think they can fool the voters. There isn't much of that wave left to ride...

    It's despicable that 'law-and-order' politicians like Ms Gillard can go on talking about how drugs "destroy lives, break up families, and kill people", when they know full well that it's their own actions, in the framework of Prohibition, which are actually causing all that misery. Perhaps, one day, such politicians will be called to account for their crimes against humanity.