The War on Drugs is fuelling the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Urgent action needed.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy has just released its second report entitled:
 The War on Drugs and HIV/AIDS. How the criminalisation of Drug Use fuels the Global Pandemic.  


The Global Commission is comprised of 6 Former Presidents and other World Leaders (including Sir Richard Branson) and today released its report and urgent ten point plan.

To uphold the UN general assembly committment to reduce HIV rates amongst PWID by 50% by 2015 World Leaders must ACT URGENTLY.
In a first step we must acknowlege and address the undeniable link between the War On Drugs and the subsequent criminalization of drug use and drug users and the spread of HIV\AIDS.
The HIV epidemic continues to grow amongst people who inject drugs. Of the 16 Million people worldwide who inject drugs,1 in every 5 is HIV positive.

The first reccomendation from the commission is to end the criminalization of drug use.

This is key to the report.
The current UN single convention is over 50 years old and was written before the AIDS epidemic.
Some of the 'other' issues highlighted by the report on the impact of The War on Drugs include:
Human Rights |Abuses
Police Harrassement
Corruption and misuse of power
Violence and extortion
All of these factors lead to people who use drugs being driven underground and away from the services and care they need.
Even in the most "progressive" countries the range of current health options available are severly lacking and PWUD still experience stigma and discrimination including refusal of service or suspension of treatement (for drug use problems) for not being 'drug free'.
Mass incarceration for minor drug offenses (with a disproportionate number of African Americans) is a major risk factor for transmittion. Due to lack of sterile injecting equipment, availability of condoms and high levels of violence.
The Global Commission on Drug Policy is calling on scientific, cost-effective, public health orientated and progressive drug policy. This would include all of the Harm Reduction Tools including needle exchange, OMT (Opiate Maitenance Therapy) MSIC (Medically Supervised Injecting Rooms or safe Consumption rooms) and engageing and working with People Who Use Drugs.

The evidence is compelling. The tools of Harm Reduction are the most evective way of preventing the spread of HIV?AIDS and in a polarized arguement the policy must be driven by evidence not ideology.


  1. Im your number one fan .I've been in the prison system and this is true harm reduction is vital access to equipment and being educated is the key .

  2. Thank You for your support and I appreciate the feedback on the prison system. Freedom