An Open Letter to INPUD Board, staff, secretariat and Members of the drug user orgs around Australia and the world

This is to every one of the user org bosses, staff and board members who turn a blind eye to the abuses of power and corruption that are occurring within INWUD/PUD and says nothing, do nothing and continue to do business as usual.
Sadly you are one amongst a number of “user activists” who are in paid or prominent positions of power who have stood and watched as something we all loved and created INPUD/WUD is corroded and users are silenced.
 Those of you who work at INPUD, AIVL, NUAA or any of the User orgs in Australia and from around the globe - your silence makes you complicit in crimes against your own community or the very people you claim to represent.
I wish to shine a light on the toxic culture and values within INPUD which underpin the practice and acceptance of cronyism, nepotism, favouritism and the complete lack of transparency and lack of ethics involved in the abuse of discretionary power for private gain.

To add to the ever expanding list of unethical behaviour within INPUD, those of you who knowingly continue to prop up Geoff Ward, aiding & abetting him and his fa├žade as he continues the complete sham that is “Pasifika”. An alleged “regional member” is in fact a totally non-existent user group and yet Geoff’s in his 2nd year as the Pasifika Regional Member and still reports back to INPUD as though Pasifika exists, that in itself is totally unethical.

Mat Southwells corrosive behaviour goes on unchallenged and unabated within the organisation and around the globe. The INPUD board all still haven’t uttered a word against Matt Southwell after his Plan B was brought to light. A campaign of destabilisation waged against former E.O Elliot Albers saw Eliot ousted and INPUDS current EO  handpicked by Matt Southwell from his own staff
The alternate INWUD rep was ousted in a bizarre display of dirty politics, effectively banning me from utilising the E-list to access the very people who voted me in as the Rep in the first place.

Our community members are bullied, deported, silenced, and trolled their lives destroyed by a handful of powerful and privileged “users” and NO-ONE says anything!!!!.

INPUD IS DEAD and Mat Southwell holds the smoking gun.
For anyone interested in pursuing the ideals INPUD was founded on please contact me at freedomvh@gmail.com

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