The real meaning of Christmas - New Beginings

Yep, It's that time of year again and for a lot of people Christmas is a challenging time.
I'm thinking of people who's adult children or loved ones have overdosed or died, of all those who are locked up or in rehab, those who have had their children taken away from them. People who have been rejected by their families or have left their own families behind.
My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

Most people take for granted that Xmas is a happy time but for some it's painful reminder of what is missing.
The media is saturated with sickeningly sweet portrayals of family togetherness which are unrealistic even to the closest families. So a quick reality check - we are all human and we all argue, make mistakes, feel total exasperation at our loved ones and that is just the beginning. So lets make this Xmas a different time.
For those whose loved ones have died from an overdose, don't let your loss happen to another family. Get behind CAHMA and show your support for their Naloxone trial taking place in Canberra. A fantastic initiative by a drug user organisation that will save lives.
For the rest of us, while you have a heart beating in your chest there is hope.
So just do it, reach out , take the chance and make the call. Time heals all wounds.
If all that fails and you cant be with the people you love, love the ones your with.
Spread some joy, some love and understanding. Practise random acts of kindness.
Make the world a better place, if just for one day. 

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