Call to ban Alcohol.

Yes that's right people, thought that might get your attention.
Time to level the playing field.
Alcohol is a drug and you know "Drugs are bad, okay". 
Seriously though, I'm getting so tired of talking about human beings having 'rights' and I'm tired of defending our right to use drugs.
Meanwhile 99% of the general population are getting drunk whenever they see fit without so much of a glimmer of thought  towards their brothers in arms (who use drugs other than Alcohol).

You love to drink? Well we love to do other things. And guess what  no matter how you try and slice and dice it.... Alcohol is a DRUG which makes you a DRUG USER.

But don't panic, your in good company. We are all drug users and those of you who want to make yourselves feel better about yourselves by saying "At least I'm not a junkie" Think twice my friend. That's a slippery slope. Perhaps let us focus instead on our humanity and what makes us the same, not on what divides us. Whether we drink our drug, smoke our drug, shoot our drug or snort our drugs we are all just trying to alter our reality and just trying to have a little fun.
But while you get to drink your alcohol and smoke your cigarettes to your little hearts content we have to deal with being labelled a criminal and if busted actually becoming one. I ask you ...Is that fair?
No it's not. It's unbelievably hypocritical to say the least.
I believe its time for equal rights for people who use illicit drugs
So today I call on all drug users (both licit and illicit) to stand up for the rights of adults to use whatever substances they choose or risk at your own peril another form of equality.
Remember back in the murky past, that funny stage called Prohibition?
During that time Alcohol was illegal!
It wasn't that long ago and in many countries around the world the drinking of Alcohol is actually still illegal.
This 'War on Drugs" has been going on for 40 years. A lot of us are getting tired of our pleas for equality falling on deaf ears and are starting to think a bit of a reality check is needed here and a little bit of reverse psychology.
So if you've been thinking its OK to persecute adults for seeking pleasure because "It's illegal, then be warned. Next they may be coming after you and your drug of choice.
The way I see it is, legalise ALL drugs or make ALL DRUGS illegal.

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