The 99% in Jail

Today's topic: JAIL. Not the actual go directly to Jail kind of Jail but the latest in reality TV brought directly to your living room by the producers of COPS.
I accidentally watched an episode recently and there are so many issues that I have with this voyeuristic, exploitative piece of crap show that I could write a book but for now let me just rattle a few ideas off the top of my head.
Firstly the show depicts explicit imagery of people who are so intoxicated/psychotic/high they cant even see straight let alone think straight enough to give 'informed consent' about being represented in a TV show.
Second you've got some manipulative bitch prison guard walking around encouraging intoxicated people to talk for the camera.
Can you say...'Conflict of Interest'?
One women was so obviously 'out of it', yet this warden kept on repeatedly asking insensitive questions about really personal and tragic stuff, like she cared!.
Ultimately the poor sucker starts crying and saying how she was abused as a child. Now human beings don't just come out and say that kind of thing. Their saying it thinking that if they say how they were raped as a child etc that it will somehow work in their favour, that someone might take pity.
Its a damn shame that no one told her wardens don't have ANY real power and to save it for the Judge.
Now the whole world knows all about it and for what.... Nada, zip, zilch, nothing.
This poor women and many more like her were verbally coached and led by this prison warden - not for any reason other than to promote this poxy show and increase it's ratings. Once shes milked them for all it's worth she just walks off, onto the next sucker.
There is something sadistic and twisted with this particular prison guard that she displays so little compassion and feels justified in exploiting someone at their most vulnerable. It maybe another day at the office to her but for each and everyone of those poor bastards it's a lifechanging moment.

Its quite ironic that at the END of the show the producers put a little disclaimer.
Something about all people depicted are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.
Which is doubly funny and ironic cos 95% or the inmates in the US are there because of taking a plea bargain. They couldn't afford legal representation and so they admitted guilt.Yeah that's right they never even got to see the inside of a courtroom let alone a judge, jury of their peers or justice.
The quote of the show goes to a unidentified prison warden who stated
"99% of them are on drugs or drunk" and later
"If these people weren't drunk or high we probably wouldn't have jobs". End quote.
So once again we see the 'WAR ON DRUGS' in action.
Prison wardens and staff are just some of the people who rely on the status quo. 
Not to mention the producers who rely on the general communities fascination, no I'd go so far as to call it voyeuristic obsession with crime and criminals. Really, who watches this shit?
Who thinks it's ok to lock up the most vulnerable people in our communities then allow some prick producer to make money exploiting their PAIN, their LIVES, their STORIES.
Not me thats for sure.

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