What is the link between money and drugs?
Lets have a deeper look at the Global Financial Crisis.The trouble originated in Iceland when in 2000 the Government began the process of deregulating the business and finance sectors. The three largest banks in Iceland were given express permission to regulate themselves.
Which they did... all the way to the bank.
Bankers at Bank 1 lent to their friends at Bank 2 and Bank 3 just for fun and between the three banks they created a huge cash flow for themselves, their families and their friends. In fact in five years they borrowed over 120 million just between the three of them. This in a country who's GDP was about 12 million. All these fun and games were overseen by US ratings firms and audited by the same corrupt firms.
As we know this kind of playing with other peoples money had been going on for a long time in the US since the 1980s when Reagen deregulated the financial markets.
But what I found so very interesting when researching this is......
How commonly acknowledged and accepted it is that Wall Street investment bankers are BIG TIME COKE HEADS.

Jonathan Alpert is a therapist for the high end of town and he is on record in the documentary ' The Inside Job' by Charles Ferguson saying that
"It's amazing how much cocaine these Wall street traders can use and still get up and work the next day".
It seems his only lack of understanding of drug use is that they probably didn't sleep or if they did, very little and that is the beauty of Cocaine. You use it to keep going.
Anyhow so the biggest money men in the biggest banking district of the world are running around coked out of their minds.
All the while voting conservative.
Hypocrites... and it gets worse oh so much worse.

Since US financial deregulation in the 1980s the majority of the worlds biggest lenders and financial firms have been busted, not just suspected of but caught red handed:
Money laundering, cooking the books and defrauding customers

Including UBS who were caught helping the rich evade taxes. Bless them for their own special 'community services'.
And my favourite; Citibank who helped funnel $100 million of drug money out of Mexico.
But the unbelievable thing is they got away with it..... . Sure a few heads rolled, someone has to take the fall but the big players are still at the table.
The corruption of US financial markets is so rife and entrenched it's a bit like Pandora's box. No matter what that lid must not come off. The cover ups happen.The people sent to regulate get offered other more lucrative positions working for the people they are supposed to be looking into.
There is no Justice in America. It is corrupt through and through.
40 years of a War against Drugs and they cant catch and convict Citibank funnelling $100 MILLION dollars DRUG MONEY!
Doesn't that tell you that the game is rigged.
The bad guys don't wear black, they hide in plain site greasing the palms and lining the pockets of anyone and everyone they want to keep a handle on things. Follow the money and you will find out who wants to keep the status quo.
If I was a drug baron, corrupt congressman, counsellor, chief of police (the list goes on and on) I would vote conservative too. I would be morally outraged at the mere suggestion of a legalised and regulated drug market.

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