Sir Rich - the Patron Saint of people who use drugs

Surprise, surprise the 'health and legal experts' have come out rubbing their greedy little hands together and shaking their heads in 'concern' at Sir Richard Branson's support for the decriminalisation of drugs. In his Blog dated December 19 Sir Rich wrote that he believed it was time to end the War on Drugs.
His involvement and expertise is as Global Drug Commissioner and during a subsequent visit to Portugal (where drugs have been decriminalised for the last ten years) he saw the outcome of decriminalisation: less crime, less violence, less corruption, less people in jail, more funds for better support services, and a more civil and compassionate society.
 INPUD (the International Network of People who Use Drugs) also want to see an end to this War. It's network of members come from all walks of life, from all parts of the globe but have one common denominator they all want the to see the end of the War on Drugs. Not a minute too soon either I say.
The War on Drugs is the longest war in the history of wars. It has cost tax payers trillions of dollars put entire families and a generation of men and women behind bars. Thousands of lives have been lost not to mention all those lives ruined and families destroyed. The drug policies have done more harm to individuals, families and communities than the drugs themselves.
Regardless of the outcries from those who support the status-quo because they make a living off people who use drugs;
The time has come.

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