Who owns my conciousness?

We all have the right of sovereignty over our own mind, body and soul.

It seems that while Barrack Obama has come out and finally acknowledged the War on Drugs has failed bitterly, he just cant get his head around what to do next.

One by one more World leaders, Prime ministers, Presidents and other key decision makers are starting to challenge Americas value laden 'War on Drugs' which is tearing Latin |America apart, creating narcostates across the third world and supporting organised crime AND terrorism.
More voices are starting to join the chorus calling for the legalisation and regulation of all drugs.

If your sitting there thinking "What?  Legalise Drugs? "
Think..... Alcohol.
Yeah uhuh....Alcohol. It is a drug, and it is legal and it is regulated. Think..... cigarettes and other medicines.
Just like those drugs other (now illicit) drugs including marijuana and heroin can and should be legal and available for adults to do what they will with them.
Prohibition has been almost 50 years of lies and misinformation being spread around as fact and gospel truth.
Marijuana is not a gateway drug but tobacco might be.
People who use drugs are not defined by their choice of drug. They are human beings first and foremost. Human beings with human rights over their own minds, bodies and conciousnesses.
It has taken this long but the tide is definitely turning. More people are standing up for their rights as adults to explore and expand their own consciousness as they see fit.   People are realising the hypocricy of the of the alcohol drug taking majority denying the minority the right to use drugs safely without fear of arrest and perseccution.
The idea that America has people in jail just for smoking marijuana is abhorrent to me.
Not property crime, or violent crime but smoking marijuana.
Getting busted smoking marijuana three times could see you in jail for life in the good old US.
America claims to be the 'Land of the FREE', what a joke.... surely some of you out there can see the hypocrisy in that one.
What we consume, who we love or have sex with, these are defined as personal behaviours.
We don't need government laws to regulate personal behaviour, we already have a whole raft of laws that prohibit bad behaviour, such as violence and property damage etc.
We dont need laws that make altering your perception or reality or consiosness a crime.
 Just as we don't need a law that makes it illegal to be an asshole. If you are one there is natural consequence. You will lose your friends and loved ones.
We dont need a law that dictates what we ingest and how we choose to expand (or calm) our minds. If we become violent on any drug (it is most likely to be alcohol) but there are laws to protect others from bad behaviour
Goverments peddeling fear about drug laws should be more forthcoming.
Alcohol causes more violence, car accidents, murders and muggings than all the illicit drugs combined.

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