Biden, drugs and slaves

Unofficially according to US President Barak do as I say not as I do Obama, it is OK to use cocaine as long as you don't get caught. In fact you can use cocaine and still be a candidate for the President of USA  (Nay- still BE the President of the USA) and according to Former US President Clinton it's OK to smoke Marijuana as long as you don't inhale.
Tell that to the judge pretty boy.
So both these Presidents have admitted to using illicit drugs and yet as we speak Joe Biden is putting pressure on the Latin American leaders who have finally come out and said

North Americas appetite for drugs is destroying our countries, our people, and our reputations. We want to legalise and regulate the drug trade.

Seems like a fair enough decision to me. A bit of common sense.
But No.
Despite the fact that less than a month ago Barack told LEAP that the issue of ending prohibition was valid and worthy of debate. It seems now that the prospect of a legalised and regulated drug market is garnering support amongst the Latin leaders and being echoed by Human Rights Activists and Civil libertarians the world over.... someone freaked. 
The puppet master has pulled everyone back into line and  now Barack is saying NO.
No reasons why,  no debate, no communication, no plausible options.
Just more of the same, tired old failed policies.
Displaying that despite all the information, and the benifit and wisdom of hindsight North America wants to keep making cartels rich and powerful and to continue corrupting the rule of law all over the world.
This is ludicrous. Lets consider the costs. The billions of dollars spent per year. What about the Carbon Footprint, the impact to the environment, the environmental costs? Do a study on that. Or the actual number of deaths. 50,000 Mexican deaths since 2006, that's only 6 years of a 50 year war, the entire death toll would be huge.
With all his posturing, Joe Biden shows his contempt and inherent racism towards the Latin leaders.

Well guess what Joe, regardless of what you say and think, 50,000 MEXICANS do count, they do matter.

But the truth is that North America is corrupt and does still have have a class system.
Since the abolition of slavery parts of the USA has relied heavily on illegal 'aliens' to do all the crap jobs and at such a cheap price.
And let us not forget the other pool of slave labour available to the US labour market.... Prisoners.  It's starting to look like their whole house of cards is built on illicit drugs. 500,000 people incarcerated for non violent drug related crimes in America. The largest prison industrial complex in the world.
And then when you have a criminal record you cant vote - so you cease to exist.

Its time for average Joe American to wake up and see what your ellected officials are actually doing in your name to your country and the rest of the world. Is that really what you elected them to do?

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  1. Whats with Joe Biden???? Does he really represent you Americans??? Surely your not all that rasict???? I know some of you are - thats obvious but doesnt it make your skin crawl???