Rants from Russia with Love

"We will win"
 Victor Ivanov @ The Third World Against Drugs Forum

Win what?
According to the Obama administration there is no official 'War on Drugs" it's just an extreme position.
So now that's just not adding up.
Neither is Victors paranoid ranting in his opening speech at the 3rd World Against Drugs Forum about about a 'high scale and highly aggressive PR campaign" that is apparently being run by anyone who seeks an end to prohibition or who opposes the US lead 'War on Drugs". 

I think Victor needs to do three things.

1 Put down the bottle and concentrate
2 Listen
3 Get real

The people who WANT the status quo to continue are those who are profiting from the current "War".
These profiteers include not only the drug cartels, corrupt government officials, law enforcement but include those who own private prisons, big pharma and a whole host of lawyers, counsellor's, rehab centres and the list goes on. Motivated by money.

Opposing prohibition are the Harm Reductionists, including people who use drugs, their families and loved ones, people who have lost a child of a member of their family, LEAP (Law enforcement against Prohibition) members, INPUD (International Network of People who use Drugs) members, drug user organisations the world over,  human rights promoters and civil rights activists.

Stop distorting the issue Victor.
No-one is suggesting legalization to enable drug cartels as you say but in fact just the opposite.

The legalization and regulation of illicit drugs by the government takes back power and control from illegitimate drug cartels and narco states.

So 1 of 2 things. It's either you really dont understand the parameters of the arguement and therefor should not be even talking about it or 2 You are deliberately confusing the issue for others. Either way....
Whos interests are you protecting?
We know you dont care about human rights , free will or personal sovereignty.
Everything you promote increases the harms to people who use drugs and their families.... and for the record the term is People who use drugs; not as you say; "Drug addicts".

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