Reefer Madness logic

There is a scene in the anti-marijuana propaganda film 'Reefer Madness' between a father and his son (a young adult) that goes a little something like this......

Son: I have friends that smoke marijuana and they're not criminals
Father: Only because they haven't been caught yet son.
Aargh. Dear God man are you serious? Only because they haven't been caught yet.....I'm not sure but I think he's holding a cigarette and a glass of whiskey when he says the line. Personally I have to give whoever the actor playing 'Dad' was credit for actually being able to deliver that line without rolling about on the floor laughing.
Seriously though.....lets think about this for a bit
Why do we have laws that discriminate between which drugs you can use legally and those that are currently illegal? (ie its OK to get drunk but not get high)
Why do we make it illegal to get high, to have fun , to enjoy pleasure? (that's all we're doing having fun)
Why is drug use a crime? (We already have laws to protect people from harm to individuals or property etc)
Why do we live in a society where we LOVE to get drunk and make an ass of ourselves and then tell our workmates about it the very next day but we shun 'other' drug users as though there is something wrong with them?
When I say 'we' I actually mean you...and you know who you are.
Why do we all believe in the values of Freedom, Liberty, Equality etc for all except people who use illicit drugs.
When did you all stop thinking and just start believing every thing they tell you?
If all people where actually treated and perceived as equal then we would have a problem.
A little problem with issues around human rights abuses, issues around personal liberty and individual sovereignty.
Time to snap out of it people. It is not OK to discriminate against people and deny them human rights because they use different drugs to you.

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